School Grand Prize
What is the School Grand Prize?
The LearnStorm School Grand Prize recognizes and rewards schools that go above and beyond in LearnStorm:
— $500 each for 30 school finalists
— $5,000 and a school rally put on by Khan Academy for each of three School Grand Prize recipients

AT&T, the premiere sponsor of LearnStorm, is underwriting additional prizes for schools in their headquarters of Dallas County, Texas.
— $500 each for nine Dallas school finalists
— $5,000 and a school rally put on by Khan Academy for each of three Dallas Prize school recipients
Who is eligible?
All schools that participated in LearnStorm are eligible to apply. This includes all private AND public schools.
How do I apply?
Schools should submit ONE application by Wednesday, October 25.

Khan Academy will select schools based on a review of the following criteria:
Finalists and grand prize recipients will be announced shortly after the application deadline.

The application will be released by Friday, October 6 at the latest.
School Grand Prize FAQs
Who judges my application?
Khan Academy judges all applications. We will select School Grand Prize finalists and winners nationally and in Dallas County, Texas. Khan Academy uses the following criteria for judging: engagement in LearnStorm, school involvement and teamwork, plan for use of technology, demonstrated need, creativity, and quality of application.
I missed the application deadline. Can I still apply?
No, we can't accept late applications because we want to have a fair process for all schools. We hope you'll participate in the future though, and remember, you and your students can use Khan Academy throughout the year. Keep going, keep growing!
What should I do to ensure my participation in LearnStorm helps my school become eligible for the Grand Prize?
Confirm that you and the other LearnStorm teachers at your school have added your school information to your Khan Academy profiles. Add your school by clicking the Add your school button in the top-left corner of your coach dashboard.
What if I need to submit a change to my application?
Email your application changes to learnstorm@khanacademy.org. Please include your full name, the email associated with your Khan Academy account, and your school’s name.
Who can I contact if I have other questions about the School Grand Prize o?
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