Who can participate in LearnStorm
LearnStorm is open to teachers and students grades 3 to 12 in an accredited US school or homeschool. Real-world prizes are only available to classrooms of 10 or more students.
Teachers, get started now!


How to participate as a teacher
Starting September 12, use the Khan Academy assignments tool to assign videos, exercises, or articles to students. As students complete assignments, their class will make progress through six LearnStorm levels,unlocking prizes as they go. Completing LearnStorm Level Six makes a class eligible for a limited-availability LearnStorm prize box. The six-week challenge ends on October 20.
How to participate as a student
Complete the teacher’s assignments to earn LearnStorm levels as a class and unlock prizes! The teacher will assign our fun, interactive Growth Mindset Activities. Each activity will help students develop a growth mindset and new learning strategies.


Check out our prizes page to learn what you can win!


Can I participate in LearnStorm if I do not live in the US?
No. Only teachers and students in the US may participate at this time.
Can I participate in LearnStorm if I am not in grades 3-12?
No. Only teachers and students in grades 3-12 may participate at this time.
Can I participate in LearnStorm if I am home schooled?
Yes! Homeschooled students may participate as part of their homeschool group or individually through the Growth Mindset Activities.
Where can I find resources to help me participate in LearnStorm?
Check out the LearnStorm resources page!
What if I have a question that isn't answered here?
Check out Khan Academy’s Help Center where you can read how-to articles, submit a ticket, or post to the support community.


How do classes move from one level to the next?
Classes complete levels by submitting 3 assignments per student. For example, a class with 20 students would need to submit 60 completed assignments to complete a level.
Does anything assigned by a teacher count? What if it’s in a different subject or grade?
Yes. Anything a teacher assigns will count in LearnStorm, including content in a different subject or grade!
Will student work on material that I haven’t assigned count in LearnStorm?
No. Only assigned work will count. This ensures that students are working at their learning edge and on relevant materials for your class. However, we encourage students to work independently through Khan Academy and to celebrate their progress through energy points they earn.
Is there a way to modify the start and end dates of LearnStorm for my classes?
No. The dates for LearnStorm are fixed for everyone. You can get your students started practicing early on assignments, but only assignments completed starting September 12th will count toward LearnSTorm.


What if I add / drop students mid-way through the challenge?
Your class progress for completed levels in LearnStorm will be saved. For example, say you earned the level 1 prize with 10 students but then added 2 students. Your level 2 assignment target would go up based on those 2 students, but you would NOT lose your level 1 class progress.
Is everyone eligible for the prize box?
Due to limited supplies, only classrooms with 10 or more students are eligible for the level 6 prize box. Prize boxes will be mailed out on a rolling basis as classrooms reach level 6.
Are prize boxes per classroom, per eligible teacher, or per school?
Prize boxes are awarded per classroom. So, a teacher with 3 classes with 20 students could earn up to 3 prize boxes if they all complete LearnStorm Level 6.